Tuesday, 25 August 2015

An Explanation.


Hello everyone. So while this photo is totally random (I did take this myself),  I just wanted to do a post explaining one thing before people start to complain. Basically you may have noticed that this month I have posted 4/5 PR sample review posts. Normally I would do 2 for each month but I wanted to explain the reason behind it. By me posting 4/5 PR sample review posts, it doesn't mean I'm trying to show them off in any way. I am not sat behind my laptop saying 'Look at all the samples I have received in the post'. This is not what it's about. I have posted these reviews because a) I feel that they would interest you b) I was behind because I've had no laptop for 3 nearly 4 weeks c) because why shouldn't I. I know a lot of people sit and complain and at times I feel that it's just a little bit pathetic. I don't get PR samples on a regular basis but when I am lucky enough to review them, if I feel that it's a product I want to talk about, then I do.

I'm sorry for this rant but I feel like it had to be said. I spend 1-2 hours, even 3 hours at times on a blog post and for someone to come and rip me to shreds just because I've posted a few PR samples. At the end of the day, even if the products are PR samples, they don't influence my opinions and views on the product in any way. I base my reviews on the items as if I had bought them. I do declare in all my posts if they are PR samples or if it's sponsored content because I am honest. I don't blog for PR Samples, if I get offered the chance to review products I feel very lucky and grateful but if I don't get offered any then it doesn't matter because you just create different content. Although PR samples are great, my blog doesn't work around them. It just happens at this point, I had a few to write about and share.

I do blogging as a hobby, not a full time job. I love blogging and it's my blog and I should be able to write what ever content takes my fancy without being criticized.

So again, sorry for the rant. I just wanted to clear this up before people started to make comments.

If you do read my blog and you do like my content then thank you so much. You all inspire me and without your support my blog might not have continued. Your comments mean the world to me.
Have a lovely day.

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