Friday, 5 December 2014

My French Resit.

Hello everyone. So I haven't posted this news on my blog yet and although I found out at the beginning of October, I just haven't shared it yet. I promise you all that I will have my own images on my blog when I get chance to take them but because I've been so tired, I've been falling asleep in the daytime and missing out on all the daylight that there is. Winter and it's darkness, ey! 

Anyway, if you remember me saying in September when I had got my results back, if you didn't you can read about them here. I failed French again. I got a D. After looking into I figured out that I was one mark off a C, of course that is gutting but I wasn't sure whether to get a remark. I went to my french teacher and me and her sat down and spoke about a remark, she also thought that I was 1 mark off a C and I managed to get marked up by 6 marks. In my writing piece it went from a B to an A and I don't think I have ever been that happy other than finding out I got an A in English Literature haha. 

So I finally did it, I passed French! 

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