Sunday, 7 December 2014

Make Up Expiry.

Expiry dates exist on makeup too and after a certain amount of time the product isn't going to be the same consistency or look the same way. There are hygiene issues around makeup so this is why it is important to once in a while throw out the makeup that may or has expired. 

Most makeup has a little image of an open pot and says the expiry date which could be '24M'. This is the image that you have to look for as it informs you how long after opening the product you can use it for safely.

6-24 Months

Products that are applied to the immediate eye are the ones which last the least amount of time. 

- Eye creams: 6 Months

- Mascara: 6 Months (whether high- end or drugstore)

- Powder Eyeshadow: 12 Months (whether high-end or drugstore)

- Cream Eyeshadow: 24 Months

- Traditional Eyeliner Pencil: 24 Months

- Cream Pencil Eyeliner: 36 months

6-36 Months
- Fluid Blusher: 6 Months
- Cream Blusher: 18 Months
- Powder Blusher: 24 Months (whether high-end of drugstore)
- Powder Bronzer: 24 Months (whether high-end or drugstore)

18-24 Months

- Tinted Moisturisers/BB Creams/CC Creams: 18 Months (depends on the consistency; the more liquid it is the shorter the shelf life)

- Foundations: 24 Months (whether high-end or drugstore)

- Face Powders: 24 Months  

18-36 Months

- Fluid Lip Products: 18 Months

- Solid Lip Products: 30-36 Months

Other Products

- Brow Wax and Powders: 18-36 Months (Benefit lasts 36 as the Sleek lasts 18)

- Non-Liquid Concealers: 36 Months.

Every person is different but you should be throwing anything away that smells bad, has a strange consistency or if you can't remember when you bought it.

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