Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My favourite lipstick of 2014.

Hello everyone. I hope you've had a lovely December. December has not been the best month for me but I thought I would end it on a high by telling you all about some of my favourite products and the last Christmas posts that I have, so that 2015 will start with a bang! I am really excited about this new year and I have lots of things that I am looking forward to, including my blog's first blog birthday which is in January! On a side note before I talk about my favourite lipstick of 2014, I would like to wish my Grandad a happy birthday, he is 80 today and I will be spending my day with him! 

Now onto the post, I was never really into lipsticks. They weren't thing I would go out and buy and feel excited over it, until this lipstick came into my life. Sorry to all you drugstore girls out there because this lipstick is high end and pricing up at £15.50. 

I was actually lucky enough to win a giveaway a few months back, read about it here and I got to pick a MAC lipstick of my choice and I chose this one. I have never looked back since and that giveaway has definitely changed my mind and now I am much more willing to spend £15.50 on a lipstick. 

MAC lipsticks in my opinion are very luxurious, Chatterbox which is an amplified lipstick is the shade I have. I haven't stopped wearing this lipstick, since I got it. 

MAC's Amplified lipsticks give an opaque coverage, which are similar to the matte formula, but are less drying on the lips. They tend to last 3-4 hours which is great. 

I do agree that they give a opaque coverage and at times they can be very drying, more in winter. However I love this shade. This shade is a "barbie" pink and it makes me feel very girly. 

I also love the smell of MAC lipsticks, vanilla scented. 

Please excuse my horrible nails on that above photo, they were due for a paint.

I find that this lipstick is very buildable on colour and is very natural. You could wear this during the day and night time and I feel this is another reason I love this lipstick so much. I am a neutral kind of girl so this is perfect.

What's your favourite lipstick from MAC? What is your favourite lipstick of 2014?

Thanks for reading, as always and have a great day! 


  1. I have a similar one to this called Impassioned and I love it I just don't quite have the confidence to wear it, maybe I should strive to wear it in 2015!!

    Alice x

  2. Oh I really want that shade! You go for it! x

  3. That shade looks gorgeous on you! I love Mac lipsticks - I need more in my life!

    Katie || K NEL xx

  4. Thank you so much! I know I've been thinking the same thing! xx