Sunday, 8 November 2015

What I Got For My Birthday!


Hello everyone. So it has officially been a month since I turned 17 and that it was my birthday. I got some lovely gifts from my friends and family. I am no way bragging about the things I have received from my family and friends but I just thought you might like to see what I got. The first item I did kindly receive was my birthday cake from Baker Days. Now I did a post talking all about Baker Days and you can read that here. But I just want to thank Baker Days again for being so kind and allowing me to review their wonderful Letterbox Cake!

I then received some love hearts, Beech's fine chocolates, Next Just Pink L'Eau, Yankee Candle in Pink Sands and some eyeliners.

Then I got a sweet pizza, a box of celebrations, a packet of celebrations, a frame with some photos and a poem (I could be so wrong) but it was so cute and I love it and it is now in my room and I had to keep this envelope that had one of my cards in because it's a thing me and my friends have.

I then got a notebook and pen, a mug that says 'Mrs. Always Right', a love heart with a quote on it , which I have hung on my bedroom door, a phone case and some party hats which me and my friends wore at my birthday meal.

Then I got the Lush Buttercup gift set which is one of the prettiest things and it smells amazing! My friends know me so well! I love Lush and I cannot wait to have a bath with it! I then got a 500 baking recipes book because I love to bake (as you may have guessed by now) and so that is a lovely new addition to my collection.

I am so thankful for everything I was gifted from my friends and family!
Has it been your birthday recently?

*DISCLAIMER: This post contains a PR sample but all opinions and views are my own and are 100% honest.

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