Tuesday, 10 November 2015

My Top 3 Candles for Autumn.

Hello everyone. So it is now cold November, it's not quite time to get totally festive but it's definitely the month that builds up to it. I never used to be a big candle fan and never really got the obsession but I am now pretty much obsessed and own about 13 candles. I have a busy November ahead of me and have already had such a busy start. At the start of November I took my two maths resit exams and had various assignment deadlines to meet and I've also managed to have a some-what social life. On the days when I haven't been rushed off my feet, I've liked relaxing with a burning candle and a hot chocolate and that brings me onto today's post. Today I will be talking about 3 candles that I think are perfect for Autumn and even into winter, so without further a-do I will share them with you.
So the first candle I have to show you is the Partylite Fig Fatale Candle from the  Forbidden Fruits Scented Candle Trio. The trio is £24.95 and the candles are meant to burn 20-30 hours. I believe the burn time is for each individual candle, as I have burnt another candle from the trio called Pomegranate Passion and it burned for 24 hours. The only downside to the candle I burned was that it didn't burn evenly. I have been burning a few Partylite candles and so a full review will be up on my blog in December so stay tuned for that. But this candle smells amazing. I find it so hard to describe scents but it smells of figs like the name suggests and it's a very fruity but fresh scent and it's probably my favourite scent out of the trio and I cannot wait to burn it.  

The next candle is from Oates & Co. With a focus on hard-to-find, unusual but simple pieces, Oates & Co. is a carefully curated collection of beautiful yet practical homeware and gifts, helping you create a relaxed, lived-in home. Now the candle is actually made by the company Bramley. I'm not going to talk about this candle in too much detail as I actually have a review of this, going live on my blog very soon but if you are really into strong, fresh scents, this candle is definitely for you. The candle's scent is rose absolute and spearmint essential oils and this is approximately meant to burn for up to 45 hours. Now I burnt this candle both through September and October and it lasted me 35 hours, which I still didn't think was too bad. It's very fresh and the packaging is so lovely. This candle costs £22 and it is 235g.

Finally, this is the Twig + Dot Pumpkin Pie candle. This is a votive candle and it is available for £3. Now again I'm not going to talk about this candle too much as I did do a review of my Twig + Dot candles here but it is a wonderful candle and I would highly recommend it.

So these are the candles that I think are perfect for Autumn and even into winter.
What are your favourite candles?

*DISCLAIMER: This blog post features PR samples. This does not in anyway affect my opinions and views. My opinions and views are 100% honest.

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