Sunday, 15 November 2015

Oates & Co Review.

Hello everyone. So we're now into mid November and I really don't know where all these weeks are going. I've been super busy this month, with assignments and deadlines, placement and my maths resit, that I've barely had time to write my blog. So if my blog is a little quiet for the rest of this month, that's probably the reason why. Although I love my blog and I want to thank anyone and everyone that reads it, I just have to prioritise what's best for me and unfortunately my college assignments come before my blog. Hopefully as we near Christmas, things will slow down a bit. Anyways, now that I've babbled on as per usual about my life, onto today's post.

As you may or may not know, I've become obsessed with candles over these past few months and you may have seen in a recent post which was 'My Top 3 Candles For Autumn' post that I mentioned this particular candle that I am going to talk about today. If you want to read that post, you can read it here.

So this particular candle that I am going to be talking about today is from the company Oates & Co. With a focus on hard-to-find, unusual but simple pieces, Oates & Co. is a carefully curated collection of beautiful yet practical homeware and gifts, helping you create a relaxed, lived-in home. Oates & Co. have been one of my favourite blog collaborations of this year and I just love the company so much. The customer service is great and I love the website. So please go have a look at the website here because you are bound to find something lovely for your home.

Now the candle is actually made by the company Bramley. When this candle arrived I could smell it through the box - which is absolutely insane. It is so strongly scented and at first I wasn't too keen on the scent but when it was burning, I grew to love it and so I finally absolutely loved it. It definitely brings a fresh fragrance into your room and if you're into strong, fresh scents, this candle is definitely one you should check out.

The packaging is nice and the actual candle is lovely. I love the glass jar and I have reused this for pens and pencils since it has all been burnt by now. The only problem I had with this candle was that it sometimes didn't burn evenly and then when it did, the wick (even though it had been trimmed, like instructed) it still left lots of soot about.

The candle's scent is rose absolute and spearmint essential oils and this is approximately meant to burn for up to 45 hours. Now I burnt this candle both through September and October and it lasted me 35 hours, which I still didn't think was too bad. This candle is handmade in the heart of the West Country. The scent is very uplifting and when burnt has just the right balance. The candle contains 100% natural wax made from certified vegan ingredients and is sourced from sustainable and renewable crops. It does not contain paraffin, petrochemical or palm waves and the wick is made of a lead free, natural fibre. So if you are looking for natural candles, this is definitely something you might want to invest in.

This candle costs £22 and it is 235g. Now I am no candle expert and I have no idea whether £22 for 235g is good or bad. Personally I wouldn't repurchase this candle and this is only because I prefer more fruity or cinnamon scents however I still really love the candle and think it's a lovely additional to an autumnal candle collection.

I would like to thank Oates & Co for sending me this wonderful candle and for being really lovely to work with. I would highly recommend them.

Have you bought anything from Oates & Co? Have you ever tried a Bramley Candle?

*DISCLAIMER: This post contains PR samples, although my opinions and views are 100% honest and are my own.

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