Thursday, 18 February 2016

Testing out NYX...

NYX is a brand that I had heard so much about but never tried, until now. So for quite some time now, I have been testing out these 3 products. The *NYX Nude Matte Shadow in the shade 'I have a headache', the *NYX Illuminator in the shade Ritualistic and the *NYX Blush in the shade Angel. Now I haven't been able to directly link the products as the NYX UK site is currently being revamped but I have put links to where I have been able to find them, therefore I am not sure if the prices are the same as what they should be on the NYX site.

*NYX Illuminator in the Shade Ritualistic - This is the first ever highlight/illuminator product I have owned and so I wasn't sure what to expect. Personally I found that this highlight was a little too golden for my skin colour and wasn't quite as natural as maybe some highlighters/illuminators can be on the skin. I loved the pigmentation of this product and the packaging is nice too but personally I would have liked it better if the shade had been more silvery or pink toned, however in the collection I'm sure there is some. This product is £8.50 on the feelunique website, which I think is reasonable for a highlighter and I would recommend this product if you liked golden highlighters as the quality is great, it just didn't suit my skin tone.

*NYX Blush in the shade Angel - I was so excited to try this product as I had heard so much about the powder blushes from NYX. Again the pigmentation of this product is insane and it is very silky and easy to apply to the face. I love the name of this product and the quality is great. I also love the packaging. I found that when I applied this blush, it also gave me a highlight to my face too and it is such a wonderful shade and I would love to try other shades of these blushes. This product is currently £4.95 on The Beauty Store and so it is reasonably priced and this product will last ages and so it is well worth the money. This was my favourite product out of all of the 3 that I have tested out

*NYX Nude Matte Shadow in the shade 'I have a headache' -  I was excited to try this product as I have never tried a 'nude matte shadow' before and I really liked the name. This eyeshadow didn't have very much pigmentation which surprised me as the other two products were full of pigmentation but it just did not transfer to the eyelids very well. In the end I have used this shade as a brow bone highlight or as a setting powder for my eyelids before I put another eyeshadow on top but personally on it's own, this eyeshadow doesn't really do anything for me. This product is being sold on Amazon for £6.89 but personally I wouldn't recommend this eyeshadow shade.

So overall my favourite product that I have tested out is the *NYX Blush in the shade Angel. Although some of these products didn't suit me, it doesn't mean they won't suit you but I will definitely be trying some more make up products from NYX.

Have you tried any of these products from NYX? What are your product recommendations?

*DISCLAIMER: The items in this post were sent for review purposes only. This does not influence my views and opinions in any way. My views and opinions are 100% honest.

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