Thursday, 11 February 2016


Capes seemed to be the 'big' thing in the fashion industry last year but when they first came on the scene, I couldn't find them anywhere.

However, back in May (2015), I was looking on to see what I could buy and I came across this cape. At first I wasn't sure on the style and colour, as I wanted a black one but nevertheless I proceeded to put it into my basket and paid for it. It looks a lot nicer in person than it did on the website.

I honestly think this is one of the best purchases (fashion wise) that I've had in a while. This is the Dora Aztec Wool Look Cape in Wine. Sadly, it's not available anymore. I have worn it a lot. I wore it when I first got it back in May and I wore it when it was a bit cooler and when I was going out to parties. It goes with literally anything! It's so stylish and I've had so many compliments when I've been wearing it. It's definitely not suitable for really cold conditions but for Spring and Autumn, it was great. When people have been complimenting me on it, they've always asked me how much it was and it was an amazing £8! It was such a bargain and I'm so glad I bought it. For anyone that is wondering it's also a size 12.

It's just great and I absolutely love it. I definitely want to invest in some more capes this year and I'm going to go on the hunt for a black one. All my wardrobe is practically black and so this is definitely something different.

Have you got a cape?

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