Saturday, 13 February 2016

Farfetch - Style the Shoot: Sunglasses.

Hello everyone. So today's post is a rather exciting post and I have really enjoyed making this wishlist style post. Today I will be talking about the company Farfetch and today I have created a look, based around a pair of sunglasses. Spring and summer will be around the corner before we know it and although the weather in the UK can go from one extreme to the other, we all like to go out with a pair of sunglasses on. On average I've spent 4 hours trying to make this wishlist as I had to go onto the website and pick a pair of sunglasses and look through hundreds of clothes and accessories to come up with a look which I think would look lovely with the sunglasses. The outfit that I have put together is something I would personally wear and I think it's very wearable, more of a summer outfit but with a few adjustments, you could easily wear this outfit in spring and in winter. This look is a S/S16 look  and I really hope you like it. Please let me know in the comments what you think about the sunglasses I have chosen and the outfit. All of the clothes and accessories are from Farfetch website and although they are highly expensive,  you could easily go on other sites to find cheaper alternatives, although I was mainly focusing on the sunglasses and thought I would create the wishlist all from the website.
When I choose sunglasses, I choose them based on my face shape and of course if they look nice. Usually after I have seen a pair, I will try them on and see if they fit and suit me and this all I usually do. Sunglasses can be as little as £1 to hundreds of £s but, higher end sunglasses seem to be better quality and they are quite a luxury treat. Farfetch also have some style hub tips which you can read here.
 I firstly went to choose the sunglasses and I went to the Farfetch's sunglasses page which you can see here. Then once I had scrolled through a couple of times the Dior Jupon 2 Sunglasses really took my fancy. They are absolutely gorgeous and would definitely suit those people who have an oval shaped face like me as they will help to add definition and will compliment your features best. The Dior Jupon 2 sunglasses have a cat eye frames and therefore would also be good for those who have a square shaped face as they will highlight bold features.
The description of the glasses from the Farfetch website: "Dark tortoise shell brown 'Jupon 2' sunglasses from Dior featuring cat eye frames, gradient lenses, a logo at the temple and 100% UV protection. The lens measures 58mm and the bridge measures 15mm. These glasses can be adapted to fit all types of prescription lenses. This item comes with a protective case."
At £197.64, they are not the cheapest of sunglasses however they are a wonderful luxury treat and they will be great quality. I also personally love a tortoise shell design. They also have 100% UV Protection which is so important when you are out in the sun and I love how these glasses can be adapted to fit all types of prescription lenses. To compliment the glasses I chose the outfit and accessories above. In summer, I think Denim, Shorts and Sandals are the perfect combination. When wearing these items, I imagine myself to be walking along a beach. You can dress these sunglasses either up or down with a casual day time outfit or a sparkly night time gown.
You can check out all the items from the Farfetch website here:
Dior Jupon 2 Sunglasses - link  
Saint Laurent Studded Denim Sandals - link
Aries Collarless Denim Jacket - link
Saint Laurent Denim Monogram Bag - link
Giamba Floral Print Boxy Shirt - link
Carven Embroidered Shorts - link
Givenchy Faux Pearl Drop Earrings - link
Have you bought anything from Farfetch? Would you wear this look?
Definitely have a browse on the Farfetch website here.

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