Thursday, 23 July 2015

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Hello everyone. I have finally got a brand new laptop and I can finally get back down to work and write some blog posts that I've been wanting to write. Basically to cut a long story short I had massive problems with PC World and I was 3 weeks without a laptop. But all is well now because I have a brand new one and it is a great piece of technology. Anyway, babbling aside I have a post I've been wanting to do for a while and it is about could be your solution to never buying a person an unwanted/wrong gift again. A couple of months ago, an email popped into my inbox (which got me excited to start with) from a gift-giving company called I was very intrigued and wanted to find out more and that is exactly what I did. The whole concept of is that, instead of giving someone a gift which you may think is the perfect gift but to the person you are giving it to they may not like it that much, you can now with give them a cute little book (either through the post or via email) with different gifts for them to choose from. This means that ultimately you can't lose because the person who you have sent the little book to will get to pick what they'd prefer. This way you have chosen the potential gifts but this way they get a choice in what you are gifting them. I do find that this is a little more sentimental than just a gift card. Don't get me wrong I love a good gift card but I do really love the idea behind this company.

I was lucky enough to be offered a code which gave me £15 credit on my account so that I was able to use this service. The minimum you can pay is £15. Delivery is also £5. I decided to create a book for myself (selfish, I know) but I had no occasions or anyone to gift to for a purpose and well I had all my exams coming up and thought why not treat myself. I also thought this was a good idea as this way I was able to enjoy and get the whole experience. So I received both the email and gift. You get two options to how you can send the gift booklet; via post or via email. I chose the email option because you have to pay an extra £5 to get it delivered by post and well although it looks pretty, I would probably rather save the trees.

The whole process was fairly straightforward which is what I like. When websites over complicate things I tend to get bored because at times I really don't have the patience with the amount of navigation you have to do. The gift selection was really nice and very unique. For my offer I was able to pick 4 items to choose from and so I picked a selfie stick, some hot chocolate, a beauty box and some notebooks. I did in the end pick the beauty box - I love to see what different products you can get in them.

The process is very straight forward because you just have to state how much you are wanting to spend whether it be £15 to £500 and then all you do is pick 4-12 gifts and then send the giftbook by email or post.

It was so hard to choose what 4 gifts I should pick between because they are all so good. I must admit when I went on the site the gift selection was lovely but quite limited but I have been on the website since and they have added lots of new, amazing items. My beauty box was the Latest In Beauty His and Hers Box which is £15. Now you may all be thinking 'A his and hers box, what on earth?' and yes it was a risk but there were some really nice items in the box and the items that were 'His' items I gave them to my dad as Father's Day presents - so they didn't go to waste! He was very happy about them in fact. Although I did find that whilst you have to pay at least £15, most of the gifts don't equate to this value which is quite a let down. Although my beauty box did come to this price, some of the books are only £5.95.

I was really happy with my gift and if you would like a separate post on my Latest in Beauty His and Hers Box then I will be happy to do a review post if you would like to see what I did and didn't like about the box and if I would get it in the future or any of the items in it. If you would like one, please let me know in the comments!

I do really love the whole concept behind and I did really like their service. Delivery was a little slow but sometimes it's not always the company's fault. I do feel that the service could definitely be improved slightly and with a few more tweaks in the right direction it will be even better. One thing I will say is if you decide to use this website - definitely consider the value of the products you choose, as it would be a great shame if you spent more than necessary.
Overall though, I am very happy with
If you would like to have a look at the website than you can here.

Have you tried
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