Thursday, 30 July 2015

July Empties.

Hello everyone. So it's the end of July, how crazy? So I thought I'd share my July empties with you. At the start of this month you saw a very delayed June empties and I had a lot of empties then. If you would like to read my June empties post then you can here. For the past few months I have just gone through products so fast and so I thought I'd tell you about them and whether I would repurchase them. As you can tell by the photos, I don't store my empties in a box or anything. I simply take a photo when I've finished the product and then it goes straight in the bin but maybe I should keep them all together from now on.

So my first empty product may come as no surprise to some of you and yes it's my holy grail shampoo by Alberto Balsam. This is the get fresh shampoo and it's for normal to greasy hair. Now as most of you know I have greasy hair and so this works perfectly for me. I will forever repurchase this product and I already have a new one that I'm using in my bathroom. I love this shampoo as it really clarifies my hair and gets rid of all the grease and dirt. It does the job as expected and is only £1. It's a total bargain and I will continue to repurchase this. This must be my 21st bottle that I have finished and I just love it. If you have greasy hair like me, I really recommend this. You can buy it here for £1. I would give it a rating of 10/10. I cannot fault this product and this will always be a firm favourite of mine. I usually don't have holy grail products but this is definitely one of them.

Then my next lot of empties are products that I finished in the middle of July and most of them are by Nourish and one of them is by The Body Shop. The first product I finished from Nourish was their Soothing Toning Mist. Now I've never tried a mist before as I didn't really get the point of them and to a certain point I still don't. This didn't do anything for my skin other than cool it down. This is from their sensitive skin range. The full sized product is 100ml and comes in at £11.00 which is rather pricey for a mist if you ask me. I will not repurchase this product and I would give it a rating of 2/10.

The next product from Nourish that I finished was their Calming Moisturiser. I'm not sure how much was in the jar but it has lasted me a really long time. For the full sized version (50ml) it comes in at £19.00. For me personally, I just didn't like this product at all. When I first started using this product it was very chalky and the texture of it is just not very nice. It just didn't work for me and I think the main reason behind it was that it was just too thick. My personal preference for face moisturisers are that they are hydrating but light and this just didn't have any of those qualities. It has a funny smell too. However if you are into a very thick face cream then you may like this product. It just didn't sink into my skin very well and it made me break out when I used it but I managed to finish the whole pot and I'd had it since September last year - so it did last me well. I feel like the texture is more like a face mask than a moisturiser but that could just be me. I wouldn't repurchase this product as it just wasn't good for my skin and there are better, cheaper alternatives to this product if you have sensitive skin. For example; I'm currently using The Body Shop's Aloe Soothing Day Cream for both day and night and it is very moisturising but light too and for 50ml it is £12.00 which is slightly cheaper. I would give this Nourish product a rating of 1/10.

The last Nourish product I finished in July is the Softening Cleanser which I got the 50ml size. The full size is again 100ml and comes in at £13.00 which isn't too bad. Again all this range has a funny smell and I didn't love this product. It was soft on my skin but again it didn't do much. It's a pretty standard cleanser. In the end I used it with my Magnitone Lucid and I liked this combination. The cleanser for me personally, is just too runny and pump wasn't always ideal. I wouldn't repurchase this product and would give it a rating of 3/10.

Then I finished The Body Shop's Aloe Calming Toner (As you can see when I got all of these products my skin must have been really sensitive and it still is sensitive - just not as bad) and this is the little travel size version which is so cute and really handy. I did really like this toner and it was very gentle on my skin. The full size version is 200ml and comes in at £9.50 which isn't the cheapest of their toners but it is worth the money and I will repurchase this in the future I'm sure. I had the 60ml travel size one (I think you can only get these in store) and it lasted me a good 6 months. The size that I got is very travel friendly and great if you're going on holiday. I would give this a rating of 8/10.

Then I finished a shower gel which was the Lady Gaga The Fame Shower Gel which is also known as Black Fluid. I really liked this shower gel (It came with the fame perfume which I got as a set at Christmas) and it smelt so fruity and lovely and it has that element of fun to it because when you squeeze it out - it's black but then when you rub it in, it turns into a white foam. It's a standard shower gel really but I did enjoy using it. I won't be repurchasing as I don't really have a holy grail shower gel as I like to mix and match but it is nice. I got the 75ml one but the 200ml is £15.00 but Fragrance Direct have it for £4.99 if anyone is interested. I have linked it above. I would give it a rating of 7/10.
Then as always I have a body fragrance that I've finished. Again, there is no surprise that it is Impulse because I only really use impulse but this was the Temptation Scent with Vanilla and Peach and it was really nice actually. These sprays are £1.99 each so they don't cost a lot either. Boots currently have them on offer for £1 though. I probably wouldn't repurchase as I again like to mix and match with fragrances but I would give it a rating of 7/10.

Then I finished this product which is just a mouthwash which my dentist gave me and so there's nothing much to say about this product other than I probably won't be getting it again but it was an okay mouthwash. I'd give it a rating of 5/10.

Then I finished my Imperial Leather Silk Anti-Perspirant deodorant. In the summer months I seem to use deodorant a lot more as I tend to use it 2-3 times a day just because I like to remain smelling nice. This was my 5th bottle and I might repurchase it in the future but at this moment in time I've actually purchased a new brand of deodorant. I think I paid around £0.89p for this at the time so it's very affordable and does the job that you want it to. I would give this a rating of 8/10.

Then I finished a packet of Natura facial wipes which I use to remove make up off my hand when I'm doing swatches and just to cleanse my face in a morning (because I am lazy) and at times to get the first layer of my make up off and then I use other products after. I go through these wipes a lot as you get 25 wipes in a pack and you get 3 x 25 packs for £1 which is a bargain. I have since repurchased them again and I am currently using them. I would give these a rating of 9/10. I just get these from my local Savers so I can't find a link to them.

Then the last thing I finished this month is the *Blanx WhiteShock Non-Abrasive Toothpaste which I did a review on so I won't say too much about it but you can read my review here. I really loved this product and used every last drop out of the tube. I enjoyed using this product even though it didn't really whiten my teeth. You could also attach the LED light to this tube if you really wanted. It had a nice minty taste and it wasn't overwhelming and it cleaned my teeth fine. I really liked using this product and would happily repurchase in the future. This retails in Boots for £4.99. I would give this a rating of 8/10.
So that's all my empties for July. I hope you've enjoyed this post.
What empties have you had this month?
*DISCLAIMER: Any items marked with an '*' are PR samples and have been sent for review purposes only. This does not in any way effect my opinions and views on this product. My views and opinions are 100% honest.

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