Thursday, 9 July 2015

June Empties.

Hello everyone. So I know I said I was getting back into blogging and I was so looking forward to it and then my laptop broke. Just typical. So while I am writing this, I am currently sat in my local library. Desperate times. I've actually found out this morning that my laptop cannot be fixed either so who knows what is going to happen. I just hope I get a new one soon because sitting in the local library is just no fun. My blog has been rather empty and this brings me onto my June empties. I would have had this post up already, if my laptop hadn't broke.

So my first empty is my lip balm. I've been using this lip balm for a year now and I absolutely love it, It is very simple and basic and it does a good job at moisturising your lips. This is the Nivea Essential Care lip balm. It has Jojaba Oil and Shea Butter. This is available in Boots for £1.55. With lip balms I am forever changing them as I like to try new ones so I wouldn't repurchase this again however I do recommend. My rating would be 7/10.

My next empty is the impulse very pink roses and grapefruit body fragrance. I got this as part of a set for Christmas so I'm not sure they'll be a link for it. It was very handy to have when out and about as it is very travel friendly. I wouldn't repurchase this though, simply because I have a lot of different body fragrances and I think there are better ones than this on the market. I'm not sure if you can purchase these sizes but I would give it a rating of 5/10.

My next empty was the Blanx white shock formula. I'm not going to go on about this product because I did a review of the whole Blanx white shock range and you can read that here. This comes as part of a set as you get an LED light with it. You can purchase it here for £7.50. I would give it a rating of 5/10.

In June I also finished my Imperial Leather Silk Anti-Perspirant deodorant which I got from Savers for £0.89p. This is just the silk deodorant and it does the job that It's meant to. I'm not too fussed about deodorants as long as they do the job that they are meant to. It was cheap and it did it's job and I would happily repurchase. It doesn't particularly smell too much and normally I go for heavy fragranced ones but overall I'd give it a 9/10.

I then finished my 750ml bottle of Johnson's baby shampoo. Now like most bloggers I don't use it as a shampoo but in fact I used it as a brush cleaner. I have been using this for months to clean my brushes. It smells lovely, it's soft and it doesn't damage your brushes and so I really love this product. It's not expensive either. I bought this bottle for £2.00. When trying to link it I could only find the gold one (I'm not sure if the one I have is the gold one) and you can buy this here for £4.00. I would definitely repurchase it and I would give it a rating of 9/10.

I also finished my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. This is the 400ml size. I actually bought this when it first came out and before it went huge in the blogosphere. I personally don't like this. I would rather use a cleanser rather than this product. My face felt so sore when using this and I'm not sure why because it has no perfume in it but it just wasn't nice. I have really persevered with this stuff because I really just couldn't get along with it. I got around 100 uses out of it. I would not repurchase this product. My overall rating would be a 2/10. You can buy it at most places for £4.99.

I then finished this shower gel which I got as part of a set for Christmas. As it was a gift I'm not sure where it was from but I didn't really like it. Personally for me it just didn't foam up very well and it didn't particularly smell of anything. Although it is travel friendly. I'm not sure where you can buy this or how much it was but I would give it a rating of 3/10. I was very grateful for this present because that meant I was able to try out a product from a brand I had never tried.

Then I finished my Britney Spears perfume in Curious and it was a nice scent. I wouldn't repurchase it as I have many more perfumes that I prefer but it was nice. It is quite a cheap perfume too so it won't break the bank. You can buy the 30ml here for £22. I would give this a rating of 4/10.
I then finished a face mask. Now I will firstly explain that I transferred this face mask into a new container. The face mask I finished was The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask. Which is for oily/combination skin like I have. I put it into the The Body Shop's Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt container - which I also love. I put it in there because I found it easier to get it out of that container. I really liked this face mask as it was great to control the excess oil on my face, although at times I did find that it was slightly drying on my skin. I would preferably use this in summer rather than winter as my skin is dry and dehydrated in winter and therefore I feel that it would make my skin worse as it would strip it further. You can purchase it for £13 and the container that it comes in is quite deceiving as you actually get so much product and this lasted me around 9 months and I used it twice a week. I don't think I'd repurchase this product. I would give this a rating of 8/10.

Then I finished two shampoos last month which was my holy grail shampoo from Alberto Balsam. I forever repurchase this product and I get the green apple shampoo as it is for greasy hair. I love this shampoo as it really clarifies my hair and gets rid of all the grease and dirt. It does the job as expected and is only £1. It's a total bargain and I will forever repurchase this. This must be my 20th bottle that I have finished and I just love it. If you have greasy hair like me, I really recommend this. You can buy it here for £1. I would give it a rating of 10/10. I cannot fault this product and this will always be a firm favourite of mine. I usually don't have holy grail products but this is definitely one of them.

I then decided to try another shampoo which was the L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Shampoo and as far as I know it's supposed to give your hair more volume. I could be wrong but I think that is the purpose of it. Personally I don't buy shampoos so they can give me volume, I mainly just focus on buying ones that will get rid of the grease and dirt. Personally I didn't really like this shampoo. It didn't really do anything for my hair and I found that my hair just looked constantly greasy. I know a lot of people who love this shampoo but personally it didn't work for me. You can purchase this shampoo for £3.99. I wouldn't repurchase this product. I would give this product a rating of 3/10.

The last empty of last month was some Primark PS. I Love gentle facial cleansing wipes which you can buy for £1. Personally I didn't enjoy using these as I found they burned my skin. Not literally, but I did get a burning sensation on my face when using these. I did not find them gentle in any way. As you may or may not know I use face wipes for removing swatches on my hand and I also use them to wipe my face down in a morning when I'm in a rush. I don't use them for removing make up. I wouldn't repurchase these face wipes. I would give these a rating of 2/10.

So that's all my empties from the month of June! What products did you finish last month?


  1. My Garnier micellar water ran out the other day and I've had to buy another one as I find it so good! Now it's not got so much hype around it, I've found the prices to be a lot better :) Tania xx

  2. great post x

  3. Wow you certainly used up a lot of products in June! It's a shame you don't like the Garnier micellar water, I love mine and have been using it religiously for over a year, I find it so refreshing and for me it does the job brilliantly! x

    Toni x

  4. I certainly did! I seem to be using up a lot of products recently! I know, I tried so hard to like it but it just isn't for me. Glad it works better for you and that you like it! xx

  5. So glad you like it and continue to use it! I see! I may see what other micellar waters are out in the drugstore! xx