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Interviewing other bloggers and youtubers: Megan (Thumbelina Lillie)

Hello everyone. So this is my final instalment of my interviewing other bloggers and youtubers series. I have really enjoyed sharing this series with you and I will have a post with all of the links to all of the youtubers/bloggers in a favourite bloggers/youtubers post in April. If you didn't see the post that explained this whole series then you can read it here. The reason behind this short series is that I wanted to interview a few of my favourite bloggers and youtubers and see what their answers would be to the questions I had thought of. I thought this would be a nice way to show you some of my favourite youtubers and bloggers too. I did email quite a few of them but some of them have never got back to me, so I will just be sharing those that got back to me.

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Firstly I would like to say that this image is from Megan's blog Thumbelina Lillie and is only being used for the sole purpose of this post. All credit goes to Megan.

So now that I've had a good ramble on. Let's get started on my last person who kindly let me interview them; Megan from the blog 'Thumbelina Lillie'. She is one of my favourite blogs to read and I love her youtube videos too. Can I also get a high five for the fact that we are both called Megan? Megan is 20 years old and is a North- East England born and bred eager beauty and fashion blogger. Funnily enough I am also born and bred in the North - East of England. Megan started her blog in October 2012 and has been posting regularly ever since. Megan states on her blog that she has always had a real passion for all things related to fashion and beauty. 

Now that you know a little bit more about Megan and her blog Thumbelina Lillielet's see what her answers were to the questions asked.

1. What inspires you with your blog/YouTube?

I find inspiration from almost everywhere but mostly from reading other blogs and watching other channels. They always inspire me and give me ideas for content (without copying obviously)! I also get inspiration from shopping about and my surroundings, for example I went to a tea room the other day and that inspired me for a post - you really can gather ideas from everywhere!

2. Did you have a goal in mind when starting your blog/YouTube?

Not at all! I totally had zero idea of where it would go and if anyone would even read it! It was completely a spur of the moment thing and began being a little hobby of mine as I'd always loved fashion and beauty so to be able to talk about it all the time via my blog was amazing.

3. If there is one tip you could give someone what would it be?

'Remember why and where you started'

4. The hardest thing about blogging/YouTube?

I'd definitely say it's trying to keep on top of everything. It's obviously not a ten minute kind of thing. After you've gone through all the effort of photographing/filming, writing, editing etc etc, you have all the tasks like social media and emailing the right people and adding links etc. It's certainly a lot more work that it seems - it's still really fun however!

5. Most rewarding thing about blogging/YouTube?

Without a doubt it's putting a smile on other people's faces. Once you begin to have quite a few readers you have no idea how people begin to look up to you and how many people you make smile. It's so heartwarming.

6. One word to describe blogging/YouTube?

Ooooh, 'FABULOUS!'

I would like to thank Megan for taking part and answering these questions for me and it also shares with you, what other bloggers and youtubers think.

I really recommend you popping by Megan's blog, as she has fabulous photography.

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Thank you all for reading, I hope you have a lovely day and I hope you've enjoyed this series! 

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  1. Aww thank you so SO much Meg for the lovely interview <3 You're a gem!

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog