Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Going Out For Dinner, Disappointing Food.

Hello everyone. Today's post is a bit of a moan as the title suggests with the "disappointing food" in it but I would like to put it out there, that this is not to shame the business in anyway. I just thought I would blog about it because I actually really enjoyed most of this lasagne and I really like this place in general however my Nana and Granddad came with me and they had a Sunday Roast with beef and the meat was not edible and therefore that is kind of why the food was disappointing. 

Basically, Me and my Nana and my Granddad went to Brewers Fayre and I got my usual which was a lasagne and they each got a Sunday Roast with beef. We ordered our food around 11:45am and our food finally arrived at 12:55pm, As you can imagine an hour and 10 minutes wait for food was the first thing that I really disliked. Normally we would get our food within half an hour. I wouldn't have minded but the restaurant wasn't even that full, there was like 6 people in at the time. 

When it arrived, my lasagne as you can see was just a tad burnt but I wasn't too fussed as long as it tasted nice. Some of the pasta was quite rubbery but I ate it all and it was okay. The chips were great, they were the best thing on my plate if I'm honest. I ate my food and I was fine. 

My Nana and Grandad ate everything but the meat as it was rubbery and we are not people that complain in restaurants, we tend to tell them that the food was great even if it wasn't but on this occasion we had to tell them about the meat. Another couple a few tables away had ordered a Sunday Roast with beef too and they also complained. They took beef off the menu that day and nobody else could have the beef. 

They asked us, if we would like complementary desserts to say sorry and we obviously didn't say no. My granddad didn't want a dessert so I just had it instead. My Nana ordered apple pie and I ordered chocolate fudge cake with cream which was incredible sickly but I kind of enjoyed it nevertheless. 

I was happy that they had given us complementary desserts but if they hadn't, I wouldn't have demanded one as to be honest it didn't matter to me as long as nobody else had to eat the beef.

Overall, I thought I waited to long for my meal but I cannot fault Brewers Fayre for their customer service as it was brilliant. So on a high note of this bit of a whine, I do think they have good customer service. I also know that this won't happen in all Brewers Fayre restaurants but on this particular one and on this particular day, it just wasn't great!

Have you ever had a bad restaurant experience?


  1. My sister use to work at the Brewers Fayre and I don't think she came home once without saying someone had complained so I'm not surprised by this at all - we've never been back there since she left because so many people gave bad feedback and even she was put off by it!

    Bethan | Thought from Beth x

  2. I've not been overly impressed with there. I just think the menu is lacking. I'm glad you complained, I'm often too scared! That cake does look delicious though hmmmm. X

  3. Isabel O'Brien15 March 2015 at 16:51

    An hour and ten minutes for yucky food? Good job they gave you some cake, cake is the only way to say sorry in my opinion! :D