Thursday, 5 March 2015

Coming Soon to The Perks Of Meg in March...

Hello everyone. So welcome to another Coming Soon to The Perks Of Meg post. If you didn't see last months than you can read it here. The idea behind these posts is that you get an insight into what is to come on my blog and it means that you can see if there may be a post that takes your fancy. Now, as I mentioned before this post won't include everything that is to come up on my blog in the month but it has a few sneak peaks so that you can know when a certain post is going live. Under the following photos I will give a brief description about each post that is to come and when it will be going live on my blog. I hope you enjoy! 

'One Line A Day Project' - I asked for this book for Christmas and I did luckily get it for Christmas. I had seen this book floating about on Instagram and I was really intrigued by it. If you want to hear about the reason behind why I have got this book than you can find out when you read this post!

Post goes live - 7th March 2015.

'Nourish Review' - Now I've been using these Nourish products since September 2014 and now that I have a really good opinion on them I thought I'd share my thoughts.

Post goes live - 13th March 2015

'* Review - Introducing myelf to new brands' - Yes that's right I have another post for you this month. If you want to read my last one than you can here but in this post I will tell you all my thoughts about Clarins.

Post goes live - 25th March 2015

So that is a sneak preview of some of the posts that will be going live on my blog this March! 

Have a lovely evening! 

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