Sunday, 16 November 2014

How To Survive A Spending Ban.

That's me...

Hello everyone. So you may have seen in October that I was starting a spending ban, mainly because I have spent far too much money this year. I told myself that I wouldn't spend half as much this year as I did in 2013 but to be honest I probably have. So I'm doing a spending ban all the way from October 16th to December 16th! That is two whole months and while most of you are sat saying - she won't do it. I've already done a whole month and I haven't spent a single penny. This makes me really happy as I did have my birthday and normally when a birthday arrives it means splurge but I put all my money into my bank so I couldn't spend any of it. Winner.

So now that I've given you an overview of the situation, I'm going to sit and tell you what has helped me with this spending ban so far, may I add this is my first ever spending.

For us beauty, fashion and any blogger really we find it hard work not to spend money. We impulse buy and that is okay sometimes, just not all the time. So here are some handy tips...

Put cash that you don't need in the bank.

I get that most people have money paid straight into their bank so this tip isn't really for you but I did have some money from my birthday and so I put it in the bank. I feel that if I have the money I am more likely to spend it so having it in a safe place is where it shall remain.

Save your money to put towards a product/purchase.

I did this way back to save up for my new laptop which I've had since July. I saved up all my money mainly because my old laptop was unusable and I just needed something more practical. Although I didn't go on a spending ban, I managed to save up the money I needed. I find this the most helpful as if you want something you'll save up for it, so you can get it. I also find this the most rewarding as you know you have thought long and hard about this purchase and I find that it's a great achievement.

Use the products/clothes that you already have. 

I am quite excited to be on a spending ban because I know that I will revisit old products that I was using before I got new ones. We as beauty bloggers have a habit of switching from one product to the other. It will be good to see what I need to throw out, sell or even use again. I find it satisfying when you use up a product that has been waiting for you, for so long. I find that I get lots of inspiration from all my products that I already have rather than buying new ones.

Don't Browse On Money Saving Websites. 

I am forever looking on moneysavingexpert and other online saving websites because who doesn't want the best deal? However when on a spending ban you really need to not browse on them because they will tempt you into buying something amazing because of the price. I find this very challenging but somehow I am getting by.

Avoid Shops Where You Are More Likely To Splurge Or Spend.

This is the biggie. The ultimate challenge. I find this so, so tough as I am forever looking in shops. The two shops I've been trying to avoid is Superdrug and New Look because I really do spend in those shops. Although I have resisted temptation and haven't spent a single penny in any shops that I normally would. Make up stands and clothes racks are the ones that I'm avoiding. 

Think: do you really need it?

I mentioned this in my post about Blogging On A Budget which you can read here. I always ask myself whether I actually need a product or item. Then I can add that to my wishlist, if not, I don't. Then I can build up a wishlist without actually spending any money.

I know a lot of people mention about giving yourself a little treat through you spending ban but I don't need one, I've just had my birthday and I got everything I needed then so I am sorted. However if you do want to treat yourself, buy yourself a small treat that isn't splurging your money.

What are your spending ban tips?

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