Saturday, 1 November 2014

Beauty Swap.


Let's kick November off with a bang.

So today I wanted to do a post about a Beauty Swap. I have seen beauty swaps done both on youtube and in the blogging world and I think they are really nice to do. Postage can be a little steep but it's a way that you can discover new products and you can give new products to other people. Some people do beauty swaps where they give their unwanted beauty things to other people but I want to do a beauty swap where I give away some new products that I love that you might love too.

I'm hoping to find someone who will want to do a beauty swap with me. So I thought I'd do a post. If anyone is interested in doing a beauty swap with me you can comment in the comments below or you can email me: I would love to do one and I know quite a few bloggers love to do them too.

Depending on how many responses I get if I get any responses. Will determine how many items get sent. Hopefully I will get a few responses, I love interacting with you lovelies. For my beauty swap(s) they will be fairly cheap. Drugstore at least, mainly because I know some bloggers are at uni and etc etc, basically trying to save money.

If you are interested please do let me know.

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