Wednesday, 30 December 2015

L.A.B.2 Make Up Brushes.


Today I am going to introduce you to a brand that I had never heard of until I kindly got the chance to review their brushes. The company is L.A.B.2.  which actually stands for live and breathe beauty. Now I was kindly sent 3 different sets of their brushes; the triple threat multi-purpose brush, the Strokes Of Genius Brush Kit and the I'm Turning Pro Brush Kit. Now this review is definitely well overdue but I wanted to really test out the brushes and as I don't wear make up every day, it definitely took me longer to decide whether I liked them.


The Triple Threat Multi-Purpose Brush: I've never actually owned a multi-purpose brush until I received this one, so I wasn't really sure what to expect. The purpose of this brush was to apply powder blush and bronzer for a full, buildable coverage. The brush has FiberLuxe™ Technology to provide superior pigment pick-up and optimal release. Personally I didn't see any superior pigment when using this brush and I wouldn't say it gave full buildable coverage. The brush has also got a soft touch handle for extra grip and comfort which I also personally didn't see the difference. I personally wouldn't pick this brush up again if I ever needed a replacement because I didn't see a difference. This brush retails at £11.99 but I believe Superdrug currently have a offer on so you may be able to get it for £8.99.


Strokes Of Genius Brush Kit: I was really excited to receive this kit as it has eye brushes in and I love new eye brushes to create new looks. The purpose of this kit is to provide you with a 'premium quality' that gives precise application for all eye products and is meant to give you a professional result. I really liked this kit and most of the brushes were good. I liked using the eyeshadow brush as it did distribute the eyeshadow evenly onto my lids and brow bone if I were using a light shade. I also really enjoyed using the crease brush as it allowed me to soften harsh lines for a more natural look. I also loved the brow and lash groomer, I definitely enjoyed the brow groomer the most as it combed my brows and left me with a nice shape. I also liked the brow and eyeliner brush but I found that it was a little too hard so at times it made my brows look very harsh and dark and so I had to apply the product very slowly and lightly. The pointed eyeliner brush for me was a huge disappointment and I found it hard to apply my eyeliner with this. Overall the kit wasn't too bad. This kit retails for £18.99 but I believe Superdrug currently have a offer on so you can get this kit for £14.99.


I'm Turning Pro Brush Kit: I was also really excited about receiving this kit as I wanted to compare it to my Real Techniques brushes. This kit is a set of 4 essential brushes that are designed for flawless, high definition make up application. I really liked the foundation brush, I personally liked using it more for concealer more than foundation but it left a lovely finish. I personally don't think it's as good as the Real Techniques foundation brush but this brush is still good. I really liked the buffing brush too, I used this brush for my application of my power and I wouldn't say it gave me 'full coverage' like it states but it gave a nice application but not quite airbrushed. My favourite brush out of this kit is definitely the contour brush. It did give me subtle definition and the shape of it allows you to really get into the hollows of your cheeks. Again, I liked the eyeshadow brush in this kit too as it gave an even application of the eyeshadow. This kit was definitely my favourite out of all of the products I received. This retails for £18.99 but I believe Superdrug are currently selling it for £17.99.

All L.A.B. 2 Brushes are made with love, there are no animal derived components and they are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. I found that these brushes also wash and dry well. I probably wouldn't personally repurchase these brushes but they are definitely not the worst brushes I've used, I found with some of the brushes the hairs did come out and got stuck in the foundation or concealer which was a little annoying but other than that they aren't the worst but they aren't the best I've ever used.

Have you tried L.A.B.2 Brushes?

*DISCLAIMER: These products were sent for review purposes only. This does not in anyway influence my opinions or views on the product. My views and opinions are 100% honest and are my own.

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