Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Favourite product discoveries of 2016 so far!

 So, we are nearly 7 months into 2016 and along the way I have been discovering new products and these are a few products that I have really loved using and so I thought why not share my favourite products of 2016 so far with you.

The first product I have loved using and have completely finished it, is the *JASON PowerSmile Toothpaste. NutriCentre very kindly sent me this toothpaste to try and I absolutely loved it. At first I thought it had an odd taste as it was peppermint but I got used to it and it made my teeth look super white. The JASON PowerSmile Toothpaste is all natural and has an exclusive blend of natural polishers and stain-fighting botanicals. This toothpaste controls tartar, ensures you have a fresh long-lasting breathe and keeps your smile healthy. This product is available with or without fluoride. This product retails for £4.99, although it's not the cheapest toothpaste on the market, I think it is well worth the money. I would happily repurchase this product in the future. Sadly Nutri Centre has since shut down but there is an alternate link to where it can be purchased.

The second product I have absolutely fell in love with this year is the *Fair Squared Vanilla Shower Gel. The packaging was quite quirky for a shower gel as you had to twist it to release the product and although the top of mine was broken, I was still able to use it. This product smelt AMAZING, literally. I love vanilla and this scent reminded me of muller corner yogurts. It is nourishing as well as being natural too. The price of this product is 9 euros 98 which converts to around £8.23. This isn't the cheapest of shower gels however it lasts such a long time and I would happily repurchase this product.

The next product I absolutely love is the *Tammy Fender Intensive Repair Balm. Wow this product is intense but it does the job you want it to. If you have very dry patches, like I do, this product certainly solves the problem and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. As this product is quite thick, you don't need a lot of it for an area and so a little bit goes a long way. This product does everything it claims. This retails for $130 which converts to £96.72, this product is very luxurious and as you don't need a lot of this product, it will last you a while and so I definitely think it's worth the money. I would definitely repurchase this product in the future.

The last product I have been loving is the *Nanokeratin Revitalising Mask for natural/virgin hair. This product has transformed my hair. I know that these are just samples but one sample sachet does my whole hair. It makes my hair feel so soft and nourished and really does 'revitalise' my hair. This mask is for natural/virgin hair and I couldn't recommend it more. I would definitely like to invest into the 500ml pot of this product. This product retails for $78 which converts to £58.03 and so again it isn't the cheapest of hair masks however I didn't have to use this product all the time, once a month was enough for my hair and so I definitely think it's worth the money.
What have your favourite product discoveries of 2016 been so far?

*DISCLAIMER: These products were sent for review purposes only. This does not affect my opinion or views on them in any way. My views and opinions are 100% honest.

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