Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Yearly Review.

Hello everyone. So today I thought I would do a post based on some New Year Resolutions I had set myself. If you didn't see my original post about my New Year Resolutions than you can read it here. Basically I should have maybe have done this post in June which marks the half way point of the year but some of my new year resolutions I wouldn't know about till August.

So what were my 5 New Year Resolutions?

 1. I want to get better with my photography for my blog, being the actual photo quality and editing.

2. I want to gain more confidence and feel at ease instead of stressed all the time over the silliest things.

3. I want to hopefully have reached 50,000 pageviews on my blog. That is such a lot, for me, personally. It would be a huge achievement and I feel that I can do this. If I can get  25,000 in my first year then I can get another 25,000 in my second year and that will be incredible. Anything over this, well is a bonus and I will be thrilled. Although it's not all about numbers and views etc, those pageviews at least tell me that someone is reading my blog and therefore I am very thankful indeed.

4. I want to be friends with even more bloggers and get involved in the community even more this year.

5. I want to have passed all my GCSE's at least at a C grade.

Have I achieved any within the last 10 months?

1. I wanted to get better with my photography on my blog and I think I have improved slightly. I still don't think they are amazing but they are presentable and they look nice. Of course, I'll let you all be the judges of this one.

2. I wanted to gain more confidence and feel at ease instead of being stressed all the time which I definitely think I've gained a little more confidence and I don't tend to get as stressed as I did.

3. I wanted to hopefully reach 50,000 pageviews and as I say it's not about the numbers but this is my biggest goal that I set myself when I started blogging. I haven't quite reached 50,000 pageviews yet but hopefully by 2016 I will have!

4. I wanted to become friends with even more bloggers and be involved in the community and I'd definitely say I've achieved this. I've hosted a few different chats over this year and I feel very lucky at the response I got.

5. I wanted to pass all my GCSE's at least at a C grade. Unfortunately I didn't manage to achieve this. I passed all my exams except for Maths which I got a D. I was sadly only 5 marks off getting a C too! So I will be resitting. If you want to read about my results then you can here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I would love to know if you have achieved any of your New Year Resolutions!

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