Thursday, 16 April 2015

Guest Post: Favourite Makeup Colour Palettes For Spring 2015.

Hello everyone. So this introduction is going to be very short and sweet. Today's post is going to be a guest post and it is by the lovely Brittany Jeffries. She is going to be telling you all about her favourite make up colour palettes for spring 2015! 

Spring – oh, how we have missed you! The sun's getting warmer, nights are getting longer, and colours are getting brighter. Just like a good spring house cleaning, I feel like it's time to revamp my spring makeup collection with some new colour palettes. This spring season, all trends are pointing towards plums, reds, electric blues, and the forever stylish "natural" nude. Check out some ideas for how to rock these hues all season long!  
Perfect Plum is all the rage on the fashion circuit. Transition out of winter's dark blacks and blues with this rich and mysterious hue that's bound to be the next big lip tint. It's a dark take that pairs perfectly with light pink tops or bright pink pants for more seasonally appropriate attire, but looks just as edgy with grays, blacks, and browns. You can also rock this colour on your eyes – try an eyeshadow from the Sephora Collection for an interesting alternative to the traditional smokey eye. Although this shade of purple looks great with every eye colour, it really brings out blue eyes and makes them pop! Pair it with brown eyeliner for a look that's really chic. 
A few shades over on the spectrum, red is always vying for a comeback, and it won't be denied this season. When I think of red, I think classic. It's a favourite that looks good on everyone, which is perhaps why it keeps coming back time and again! In the words of Taylor Swift, "You got that James Dean daydream look in your eye, and I got that red lip classic thing you like." Bold red lips are in! This month, try switching up the tone to an orange-red for something bright and cheerful that's still every bit as dramatic. If you really want a bold look, get creative with the geometric, retro craze, by adding a thick line of orange-red eyelinerDo this either with a go-faster stripe on the wing, or from the middle of your bottom lid to the corner of the eye for a look that'll seriously spice up your appearance.   
Inspired by the mod style of the 50's, this spring, working electric blues into your makeup collection has never been easier. Electric blue shadows and liners can be paired with any bright coloured tops and bottoms, to make your look more playful. Electric blue is the one colour that spans the all genres of fashion. Chic all-white outfits, geo-colour blocked, contemporary all-black and even goth trends can rock electric blue. Here, adventurous makeup lovers can also try the go-faster stripe or another graphic eye and adapt it to look wild, flirty or just exceptionally unique. Gals with brown eyes know the struggle of making their eyes stand out, and electric blue looks especially great with darker eyes colours! 
The nude look, in my mind is where make-up originated. Isn't that why many of us wear makeup? So that we look fresh-faced and effectively cover up all of our little marks and dark under-eye circles, without looking like we have any makeup on? To fully achieve the nude face trend, preparation is key to being able to use less cosmeticsThe Isomers brand from EVINE Live is affordable and offers skin care essentials for every skin type. Tend to your trouble spots with a cream, peel or cleanser that's well-equipped to sort it out. Add a swipe of mascara, and make sure your brows are on point! Then simply finish your look with a moisturising lippy for a dewy-fresh face. 

I can't wait to leave my dry skin and depressing winter colours behind this spring season! What colour palette are you most excited for? 
I would like to thank the lovely Brittany Jefferies for writing this post and I hope you've all really enjoyed reading this post! 

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