Wednesday, 12 February 2014

*Metcalfe's Sargent Salt Charity Topcorn♥

Hola you lovely lot!

 Today I will be telling you about Metcalfe's Sargent Salt Skinny Topcorn which I feel is a brilliant product. You may have tried Metcalfe's products before and they are delicious, however this product really stood out to me.

Metcalfe's have pledged to raise at least £30,000 for CLIC Sargent which is the UK's leading cancer charity for children and young people! To celebrate the start of their three-year partnership, they have branded their classic Sea Salt popcorn and created  'CLIC Sargent Salt'. 

I am always intrigued by companies who help charities therefore I feel like buying a bag or two of this lovely charity topcorn is helping someone who could really benefit from it. I was kindly sent some of this delicious topcorn which I will be enjoying as I type this post, I would like to say a BIG thank you to Metcalfe for sending me these.

When I opened the mailing box I got this little black box out which I thought was very cute.

When opening this box I was greeted by this lovely pink tissue paper which was disguising all my yummy treats.

When I took the pink tissue paper away I saw a small bag and a large bag of their charity topcorn I was delighted.

This is the small bag.

This is the large bag.

I also got a CLIC Sargent badge which I will wear every day and a leaflet about CLIC Sargent.

This is the back of the small bag.

Yum Yum Yum in my Tum! It is delicious!

On the 18th February Metcalfe is holding a popcorn party to launch their partnership at one of CLIC Sargent's Homes from Home.  
This will be attended by some of the young people supported by CLIC Sargent, and special guest Lydia Bright will also be attending.

On Metcalfe's website they say:

"If you would like to support CLIC Sargent by organising your own ‘Popcorn Party’, 
please contact Tom Hazelden on for more information.
To find out more about CLIC Sargent, you can visit their website,"

Metcalfe's Skinny Sea salt Topcorn is freshly popped butterfly popcorn that's lightly tossed in natural sea salt. With all natural ingredients and 108 calories per bag, it is the perfect alternative to crisps. Also by trying and buying one of these bags you can be helping CLIC Sargent which is a brilliant cause.

If you would like to find out more about how you could help CLIC Sargent by 
buying a delicious bag of this popcorn, click here - this is where Metcalfe explain how many bags can fund different activities. 

Also you could also check out Metcalfe's products and see what flavour of topcorn you would like to buy they have variety of choices including ; Sweet 'n' Salt - a particular favorite of mine, Chocolate Crackle and Heat 'n' Sweet. They also do skinny rice cakes in the flavours; milk chocolate, dark chocolate and yogurt coated. 

They also have some new products besides the Sargent Salt Charity Topcorn as they have released;Skinny corn'ers in the flavours; Cheese Louise and Chilli Tweet which I think will be delicious!

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I was kindly sent this however all views are my own and are 100% honest.

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