Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Aloha! ♥


Firstly welcome to my blog! Over the next week I will be trying very hard to get a few blog posts up for you lovely people! I have quite a few planned! After long debate I have decided to evolve my blog into a fashion and beauty blog as these things make me very happy instead of a 'this is my life' blog, hence all the blog posts have been deleted. You will come to the conclusion that I babble on quite a lot but it is because I am so passionate about doing something for other people on the internet. You may be wondering why I haven't made a beauty post as I could of done however I have been customizing my blog to make sure it looks smart and hopefully professional or cute. I'm trying my best, It just takes me ages to design something haha. Also I've been very busy with my school life so it means that I am away from home 8:45am till 3:00pm and as it is winter, it gets dark so easily and I need sunlight to take photos of my beauty products but I will look into ways. So yes you will get some blog posts I promise, on saturday I will be working hard to get a full blog post ready but so far I have these on my list and will be posting these all throughout January and February;

- Superdrug Haul.
- Rimmel 25 hour foundation review.
- Amazon Haul (this isn't beauty related but I thought I could recommend a few books).
- Review on Mally make up.
- £5 pasta bake meal suggestion (Again not beauty related but is a healthy and cheap meal suggestion).
- Collection lasting perfection concealer vs Collection illuminating touch concealer.
- Barry M haul.
- Review of Perfumes.
- Review On Revlon Lip Butter.

I'm hoping to post my reviews and posts at least once to twice a week so that it is consistent.

Thank you for reading this blog post and I will post again very soon!


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